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The Pastoral Council comprises the pastor, two trustees and eight other members.  These positions are selected, three each year, through a general parish election, or through the discernment  process.  Each attends committee meetings as well as all monthly and special meetings of the council.  


The ministry of the parish council is to engage in a continuous process of pastoral planning, which takes into consideration the needs of its own parishioners and the needs of the Archdiocese, the broader community, and the world.  Parish Council strives to unite all members of the parish in a community of prayer, leadership, service and pastoral action.  Meetings are held on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month. 


Chris Charapata, Chairperson 
Tom Prott, At Large
Jim Schieffer, Prayer & Worship and Men’s Society Liaison
Dennis Prince, Human Concerns Liaison
Chris Moczynski, Pastoral Council Member
Woody Ritchie, St. Thomas Council Representative



The Finance Council monitors the financial welfare of the parish. The council makes recommendations to the Pastoral Council regarding parish finances, development of a balanced budget, stewardship of financial and physical resources, regular church support and special fundraising events.  

Meetings are on the second or third Wednesday of the month. A SPECIAL THANKS A special thank you to Margo Roslawski, for her years of service on the St. Clair Finance Council. She has recently stepped down. All her time and effort is greatly appreciated and just a small part of everything Margo does for St. Clare. 


Amy Lange, Finance Chair 
Julie Boulware, Parish Administrator 
John Funke 
John Kis 
Brian Pesch 


The Parish Trustees work together to assist the parish in making business decisions.  The trustees are selected from the parish at large. Trustees participate in Parish Council meetings each month. In addition, the Trustee Treasurer serves on the Finance Council.

Pamela Jendrzejek, Trustee
Michael Leshok, Trustee