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Mission Statement: "To live as He lived, to love as He loved, to serve as He served."
Subtle, yet deep. Essentially, try to be a good Christian.

The St. Clare’s Dynamic Men’s Group has been growing and evolving for almost five years. Our weekly program is a great way for men of every age to connect and share their life and faith journey.  The weekly meetings include a short video and a small group discussion, followed by a social/fellowship. 

Our group is devoted to helping men of all ages become closer to Christ by studying the word of God, to make us better husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers. Join the St Clare Dynamic Men’s Group to defend your faith. Men 16 and older are welcome!

Understand the Church’s beliefs, and to confidently explain our beliefs to others. Beginning Apologetics Course with videos presented by Catholic Answers’ Jimmy Akin Monday nights starting September 18th, 7 - 8 PM plus a half hour social to follow at St Clare, Lower level.

For more information, contact Dave Hintz at 262-844-4808 or