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Welcome to St. Clare Catholic Church.  We are a small parish that serves many of the Southeastern, Wisconsin lake communities and rural areas. Thanks to the help of our dedicated and benevolent volunteers. As a ministry to serve Christ, we help stock food pantries, prepare meals for homeless shelters, minister to the sick, host ice fishing jamborees, street fairs, and golf outings.

St. Clare is a small, but mighty parish that is always growing!  We work together enthusiastically in all areas of parish life—striving to develop holiness within ourselves; guiding our children and young people in religious education; structuring deeply meaningful liturgical celebrations; reaching out with warmth and compassion to those in need both inside and outside our parish boundaries, while also managing vital areas of finance, building and grounds maintenance.

In order that you feel truly at home and comfortable with us, we urge that you become a vital part of one of the varied facets of parish life. Explore our website and learn about the many possible opportunities available to get involved.