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Art and Environment

Art and Environment

This is a visual component of the Liturgical Calendar.  The year begins in Advent and ends with Autumn Ordinary Time.  We plan environment for Advent, Christmas, Winter Ordinary Time, Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Easter, Pentecost, Summer Ordinary Time and Autumn Ordinary Time.  Aside from these major changes, we adjust the environment for the First Holy Communion, Confirmation, The Most Holy Trinity, The Most Holy Body and Blood, The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, The Feast of St. Clare, the Mass Remembrance and in October of 2015, the Golden Jubilee of the Parish.

Change overs typically occur on Sunday after Mass unless there is Religious Education or some other commitments for the church.  We are looking at Monday or Friday evenings as an alternative.  During the year, there are exceptions to this schedule in which set up occurs on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Help is needed for both set up and take down for each season.

We are always looking for Helping Hands, especially individuals comfortable on ladders.  Design ideas are also appreciated and can be submitted to the Art and Environment Committee.  There are also volunteers needed for plant/flower watering.  Distilled water is used for plants on the inside of the building.  Pressing of fabrics and retagging fabrics for storage at the end of each liturgical season is always a necessity for this ministry.

The responsibility of the environmental committee is to enhance the liturgy and worship space by creating an atmosphere for the Liturgical assembly that is in harmony with and reflects the Church’s Liturgical Calendar.  Environment volunteers give of themselves, often times behind the scenes, both in creativity and practical, hands on set up and take down of environmental decorations.  Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Contact Ruth Schneider at for more information.

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