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Preschool Faith Formation 3K- 5K


St. Clare 3K- 5K

The St. Clare 3K-5K program will run during Family Faith Formation Session at St. Clare which is 
9:30am- 11:30am on Sunday
Each Session of our 3K-5K program includes Mass! An adult will accompany each student to Mass. We are very pleased that we will again be able to offer children's liturgy during Mass!!  After Mass, the student will go directly from Mass to their faith formation class. There will be a session for parents during this time as well. 
Please register through the online links on the Family Faith Formation Page. 
Please contact Trista at with any questions about this program. 

St. Thomas 3K-5K 

For more information please visit the St. Thomas Faith Formation Preschool Page
Please contact Margie at with any questions about this program. 
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