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Confirmation class is for grades 9, 10 & 11.

The program runs on Sunday evenings 
6-8 PM

  • September 8

  • October 13       

  • November 10

  • December 8

  • January 12

  • February 9

  • March 8

  • April 5   


All Candidates are expected to attend ALL classes on a consistent basis.  Any absence is reviewed on a case by case basis.  A make up class will be provided on the following Wednesday from 5:30-7pm.  Includes Mass and missed lesson.  Any unexcused absences may delay the Sacrament of confirmation.  

Tuition (due at registration)

  1. $90 per student
  2. Freshmen and Sophomore retreat Fee: $35
  3. Junior overnight retreat Fee $100


Retreat Schedule is as follows:

  • Freshman/Sophomore October 26, 2019  Location:  St. Thomas  9-5pm  Fee: $35 *Due at registration
  • Junior Overnight Retreat March 7 & 8, 2020  Location:  Inspiration Retreat Center 2270 State Road 67 Walworth WI 53184  Transportation will be provided.  More information as time approaches.  Fee: $100 *Due at registration
  • Alternative for Freshman/Sophomore only,  is WCYR March 14th 10-6pm at Carroll University.  Transportation options will be made available as time approaches.  

Note:  Retreats are mandatory.  Do not ask to leave early, as the entire retreat must be attended.  

Service Hours: 

All Candidates are expected to do a minimum of 10 St. Clare sponsored service hours.  This means service hours that help to build our St. Clare parish will be accepted.  Many opportunities are provided throughout the year.  See Signup genius for all current events.  Service hours forms are to be filled out at the completion of service.  Form is located in Narthex.  

Mass Reflection: 

Each student is required to attend Mass regularly.  To help keep students and parents accountable, we require Mass reflection forms to be filled out and placed in the return box.  A minimum of 10 Mass reflection forms are to be filled out.  

Three Confirmation dates were submitted, and we will hear by the beginning of Sept when our Junior Candidates will make their 2020 Confirmation.  Confirmation will be held at St. Clare this year with  St. Thomas of Waterford joining us.   

Please contact Maureen Legros for more details.